My name is Alexis "Lex" Caronis. I'm here to be real about life, pharmacy and the things I love. Honesty is and has always been really important to me. In a world that constantly portrays the highlights of other’s lives on social media, or the ways people exaggerate the truth, I’m here to provide my authentic truth about what it’s like to be an optimistic, ambitious, poor, single twenty-something in today’s world.


I was born and raised in Charlotte in my older brother, Casey’s shadow, alongside our two step-brothers, Caden and Will. Just consider us the modern day Brady Bunch. Casey’s the comedian and overly competitive athlete, Caden’s our west coaster, Will’s the 70’s rock lovin’ hippie and I’m just the girl in the middle.

I attended The Ohio State University as an attempt to move far away from my family and “discover who I was on my own.” I had an amazing four years at Ohio State and graduated with my Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Four years of snow for this Southerner was enough; I now am a pharmacy student at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy.

In my limited free time I enjoy shag dancing, reading Game of Thrones, watching whatever Netflix show is all the rage at the moment, and taking every personality and leadership assessment out there.

My hope is that these posts make you say, "She's being real with me," or, "Oh my gosh, is she being for real?" Either way, I'm Lex and I'm here to keep it real with you and for you.

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