An Open Letter to 'My Person'

An Open Letter to 'My Person'

Dear Kayla,

Lately I have felt the need to strength my relationships with others and be more social. I think a large part of this is due to losing my grandmother last May. Typically, she was the one constant in my life; I could call, text or Facetime her at any time of the day and she would respond one way or another. She always knew what to say to make me laugh and feel completely supported. She made me realize that the mountains in my life were actually anthills, and that everything happens for a reason. She was my 'person'. Until she wasn’t.

Last summer it wasn’t that hard to ignore the void in my life created by her passing because of this amazingly unique and captivating internship I had. But once school began, I noticed her absence all the time. During my walk to class, on the way home, when I made a good grade, when I wanted and needed someone to help me slow down and live in the moment. I didn’t think I’d ever find ‘my person’ again. Until I found you.

I truthfully can’t remember the first time we met or when we became so close, but I couldn’t be more grateful to the shag community for bringing us together. I remember a few years ago at the USA Grand Nationals Dance Championship when you received the Inspire Award; an award given to an individual who inspires by example through volunteering and/or providing service to others. That year you had received multiple nominations from various people and it was evident to everyone how deserving you were and still are of that award. On the Junior Shag Dance Team, you served as captain, and now continue to devote yourself at their practices, mentoring them, helping with individual routines, making sure all the junior shaggers have music turned in, etc. The list could go on and on and on about all the ways you serve the team but I’m here to talk about ways you serve individuals.

Like Mawmaw taught me, everything happens for a reason; I believe we were meant to become best friends, so I could learn to live life without Mawmaw. Even though you never met her, you are so much like her. From the way you care about others, your modesty, your flirty personality and your sense of humor. You both have a way of lighting a room up the moment you step in it, and I couldn’t be more grateful to experience it. I can’t imagine life without you in it. Your desire to spread love, be kind to others, and make people laugh is ingrained in everything you do and I’ve never met someone who does it better.

So, thank you.

Thank you for constantly making me laugh.

Thank you for staying connected with me and reminding me I’m not alone.

Thank you for peer pressuring me to have fun when I usually want to stay in and sleep.

Thank you for loving to eat as much as I do.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue dancing and improving myself.

Thank you for sending me memes everyday that are painfully relatable.

Thank you for loving face to face interactions (rather than texting me 24/7).

Thank you for automatically knowing if you Facetime me after 9pm there’s a REALLY great chance I’m not awake.

Thank you for agreeing to help with my future retirement plans for us even though I don’t consult you on them.

Thank you for agreeing to let me be the fun aunt to your future kids.

Thank you for the joy you bring to everyone’s life every day.

I hope that everyone who meets you can realize how amazing you are and that those who can’t don’t waste too much of your precious time. You are a rare gem in this world, that sadly not everyone will have the chance to meet. But luckily, you are my person, and stuck with my weird, quirky self for life!!

PS. We have to start taking more pictures together

Love you lots,


For those who don't know the term ‘my person’ comes from the show Grey's Anatomy, and is used to describe a platonic relationship between two people. It signifies the person you'd list as an emergency contact, who you'd call if you were in jail and needed to be bailed out, and the person who just gets you. Your person is the first person you want to call when anything good or bad happens.

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